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Gift New, Welcome to Concept Pack(Gournet Gifts£©, We are Gift Manufacturers,is the gourmet gift of our producers, our main food production gifts, products include: Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, Halloween gifts, Valentine's Day gift...New Gift Ideas... Gifts are the feelings of the carrier. Any gift that's unique token gift, or reward, or ask for help, or contact the feelings and so on. Therefore, the gift you choose to be in line with your mind and feel that you unusual gift.We have a design and development team to continuously develop new gifts.
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New Gift Manufacturers
New gifts, the driving force of our production, we have a wide variety of gifts, but also in response to the request of the guests, constantly updated. Independent innovation, has developed a wide range of new gifts.

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Gift New - Concept Pack
is specialized in designing & producing a broad range of specialty and basic gifts in Kowloon Hong Kong, China. Our China Production facilities are Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system certified, and K Mart International Inspected and Insured, We use the highest quantity FDA / ECC compliant production methods and materials including sticks, flavors and colorings from the U.S. in all our products. This has helped our unique product line to gain an outstanding reputation in many countries throughout the world with retailers and consumers alike.
Our most popular products include : all kinds of Coffee set; Lovely hot drinks gift tower set ; Various cocoa set; Dipping marshmallow fondue set; coffee flavoring rack; organic tea gift set; Pretty cookies gift set, and other kinds of gift set. We are producing a broad range of specialty and basic gift set, and so on.
. Our products are exported to all corners of the globe including the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia and Japan. Five Star Brands Inc. takes great pride in providing quality and consistency with every order, every time.
As one of the few direct China based Concept Pack, we can handle any quantity order. We have several full time designers on staff, who are constantly searching for new products and designs, as well as unique packaging concepts to keep our line fresh and interesting every year. If you have a custom order with a minimum of 50,000 pieces then consider Concept Pack as your source for your OWN ideas


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